Focus to Win Platinum

A World-Champion's Guide to Playing Your Best Tennis When it Counts | taught by Jeff Greenwald

Course description

Focus to Win will teach you how to develop the same focus as the best players in the world. You will learn how to identify and prioritize the key mental factors that will take your focus and game to the next level. By learning to catch your mind wandering, refocusing back to the task at hand and building routines you will find yourself slipping into the "zone" more than you ever imagined.

In this program you will:

  1. Identify your mental strengths and weaknesses with Jeff Greenwald's Fearless Tennis Assessment
  2. Set specific mental goals for practice and matches
  3. Identify your personal mental traps in matches when your game is off
  4. Become a pro at quickly "reframing" and letting go of negative thoughts
  5. Shift your focus between points so you are in your optimal state just like Novak Djokovic
  6. Build a mindfulness practice that helps you train your mind to get out of your head and into the moment
  7. Become more present on and off the court
Jeff Greenwald
Jeff Greenwald
Sport Psychology Consultant, Author and Two-Time World-Champion

Jeff Greenwald is an internationally recognized sport psychology consultant and author of The Best Tennis of Your Life. He was ranked No. 1 in the world in the men's 35 age division and is a two-time ITF Senior World Champion. He works with players around the world on the mental game. He is a consultant for the USTA and on the speakers bureau for Wilson Sporting Goods.

Jeff Greenwald


Course Curriculum

Course Introduction
The Mental Toughness Journey
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Chapter One: Fearless Tennis Assessment
Fearless Tennis Assessment
Assessment Summary
Fearless Tennis Assessment Guide
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Chapter Two : Developing a Process Mindset
The Power of Process
Process-Outcome Worksheet Tutorial
Balancing Outcome with the Process (PDF)
Weekly Agreement
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Chapter Three: Personalized Goal Setting
Setting Personal Mental Goals
Turning Goals into Intentions
Weekly Action
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Chapter Four: Developing Thought Awareness
Identifying Thoughts
Identifying Thoughts Worksheet (PDF)
Weekly Action
Mental Traps
Mental Traps Worksheet
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Chapter Five: Focus Shifting
Internal Focus
Internal Focusing Strategies (PDF)
Internal-External Focus
Changing the Channel Worksheet (PDF)
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Chapter Six: Between Point Focus
Between Point Routine
Between Point Routine Focus Plan
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Chapter Seven: Training your Mind
Building a Mindfulness Practice
Building a Mindfulness Practice (PDF)
Prepare Like the Pros
Pre-Match Imagery Preparation
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Focus to Win Conclusion
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Mastering Pressure
Transcending the Universal Challenge
1.The experience of relaxed focus
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